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The 'Earth heritage: World heritage' website was established to create an information resource reflecting the themes of global and national geological and geomorphological conservation explored at the 'Earth heritage: World heritage' conference, organised by the UK's Joint Nature Conservation Committee, the Dorset and Devon World Heritage Team and English Nature. The conference was held in September 2004 at the Springfield Country Hotel in Wareham, Dorset, adjacent to the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage site.

As well as two days of conference presentations and discussions looking at geoconservation from local to global perspectives, delegates visited the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site on a series of field trips designed to consider in detail issues of geoconservation and geotourism. Details of the presentations and speakers, with links to abstracts and further information, can be found at:

A two-day workshop, entitled 'Involving people in geodiversity' was held at the end of the conference, to discuss how we can involve people in geodiversity. A short guidance, based on the discussions and conclusions, has now been published. Further information can be found by clicking here or on the link above. For a free copy of the publication, please contact GeoConference@jncc.gov.uk.

Added to the site in September 2005 is the 'Sustainable site-based management of collecting pressure on palaeontological sites' report. This report, produced by Richard Edmonds (Dorset County Council), Jonathan Larwood (English Nature) and Tony Weighell (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) discusses how to manage fossil collecting pressures at palaeotological sites. Copies of the report are available by clicking here or on the link above. Comments and opinions on the report are being sort, and a questionnaire has also been generated to record these, from which a discussion paper will be developed. Please read the report, and complete and submit the questionnaire.

The 'Earth heritage: World heritage' website has been developed since the conference to provide direct access to documents of relevance to the themes explored at the conference or links to other websites where relevant information can be found. It is intended that the website will serve as a source of up-to-date information on current developments in geodiversity management, and as a means to rapidly publish documents and other information arising from international initiatives that are currently underway.

Click on the links below to go to the relevant sections:

'Geodiversity' – contains an introduction to geodiversity management issues, with items relating to site inventory programmes, geodiversity audits, geodiversity action plans and ‘geodiversity economics.'

'International' – contains information about the developing international initiatives to promote geodiversity conservation through the World Heritage Convention, the IUGS ‘Geosee' project and the Convention on Biodiversity.

'News' – contains information on updates to the website and news and events of interest to the geoconservation community, as well as copies of the 'Earth heritage: World heritage' Newsletter, which were sent out during 2005 as a follow-up to the conference.


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